After more than two decades since successful launch of the international scientific project “Russia and Central Europe in new geopolitical realities” together with our colleagues from Central Europe, we established a second platform for our discussions and scientific cooperation in Budapest in a form of the Central European Institute of international relations (CEIIR). On the 4-th of July, 2017 CEIIR in cooperation with Krakow University of Economics held an international round table “Relations between Russia and Visegrad countries in media images and in the mirror of reality” in Krakow. We continued the discussion of the theme on the 6-th of July in Budapest.

It was our first public event, which was attended by scientists from many Central European scientific and educational centers: Cracow University of Economics, Cracow Jagiellonian and pedagogical universities, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of reform studies (RETÖRKI) and Hungarian Institute of Foreign policy and trade, Czech Institute of political studies EUROPEUM…

We were able to discuss quite a wide range of problems that have arisen in recent years in our relations: a new formula of relations and cooperation, the role of “Eastern partnership”, energy supply and energy security, the state and prospects of economic relations, scientific cooperation, the quality of intellectual elites, the diagnosis of modern media, the upcoming centenary in our history, the challenges of globalization, etc. Some of the most interesting moments of the discussion will soon be available on our websites and on the pages of the new Visegrad issue of the journal “Modern Europe”.

We hope to continue our substantial scientific dialogue between professionals: scientists and analysts, as well as to meet again at our Moscow and Central European venues.

Cracow University of Economics, July 4, 2017

Budapest, the conference hall of hotel Bencur, July 6, 2017