Central-European Institute of International Relations 
is an international platform for scientists and experts from Russia and Central Europe (as well as institutes, research centers, associations, etc. they represent), which aims to conduct scientific, apolitical dialogue on topical issues of foreign policy, on corner stones of relations between Russia and Central Europe, on the problematics of reform processes concerning certain new societies as well as exchange of ideas regarding these matters. The Institute’s objective is to prepare joint projects to cooperate, to analyze and formulate recommendations in order to assist the decision-making mechanisms of the states concerned, in this context, to arbitrate, to establish a platform of common understanding and to safeguard the stability of our common Europe.

Further objectives of the Institute:
– to rebuild an atmosphere of common understanding and trust;
– to analyze crisis situations and seek solutions in common, taking into account the national interests of the countries participating in the work of the Institute,
– to study the processes of transformation,
– to re-evaluate the negative legacies of the transformations, to reinstate the scientific and professional dialogue previously abrupt, to establish dialogue among experts on issues of science, culture and business,
– to eliminate politicized bias in bilateral relations,
– to withdraw from stereotypes and the destructive effects of injuries of the past while forming new relationships,
– to mutually share national heritage of scientific knowledge,
– to elevate the prestige of sciences, in particular social sciences in the transforming Central European region,
– to uncover and study the traditional elements of the relations in order to establish the basis of new values.

Basic activities of the Institute:
– preparation of own analyses, studies, and books;
– translation of books, studies, brochures, and other documents on the theme of the objective of the Institute, to and from languages of the Central European region,
– organization of scientific and professional consultations, round-table discussions, seminars and conferences on topical issues related to the objective of the Institute,
– launching of a thematic journal, pursuit of online and print publishing activities,
– organization of presentations and exhibitions on international relations,
– education: such as organisation of training courses, compilation of syllabi within formal, non-formal, adult and higher education, etc.;
– teaching Russian and Central European languages,
– search for and representation of professional partners and partner organizations, safeguarding international relations,
– informational webpage, and e-library.